Supporting Services

1. Bidding for exhibition

Please provide the following information truthfully before the bidding:

(1) Valid industrial and commercial business license, organization code certificate and ID card of legal person;

(2) Approval of the exhibition;

(3) Organizational planning program (including promotion plan);

(4) Previous exhibition information;

(5) Other relevant materials.

2. Business negotiations

(1) Determine the venue and time of the exhibition according to the uniform time schedule;

(2) Negotiate and determine basic service items according to the situation of the exhibition;

(3) Negotiate the venue and service charge based on the relevant quotation of the exhibition;

(4) Get familiar with the rules and regulations of the exhibition hall and requirements according to the information provided

3. Contracting

(1) According to the negation content, our company will send you contract about the various contents of the exhibition, which will go into effect after signing and stamping by both parties.

(2) Exhibition preparation without signing a contract is strictly prohibited. All consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the organizing committee.

[Note: The final power of interpretation is reserved by ZWECC]

[Prior to exhibition]

1. 30 days before move-in:

The exhibition organizers are requested to submit the following contents:

(1) Submit relevant approval documents and previous exhibition materials;

(2) Submit the exhibition floor plan;

(3) Submit special construction drawings, special construction structure drawings and circuit diagrams (for example, it cannot be too high or too wide in size);

(4) Inform the exhibitors and exhibit producers of the relevant regulations, notices and charging items of the exhibition hall, and require them to strictly implement the management system.

2. 10–7 days before move-in:

The exhibition organizers are requested to submit the following contents:

(1) Determine the floor plan of the booth and sign on it, and ensure that it meets the fire safety requirement of the exhibition hall;

(2) Directory and number of exhibitors;

(3) Article rental, and water, electricity and gas reservations;

(4) The contents and placement of the signage;

(5) Samples of tickets and papers;

(6) The opening ceremony plan and signature of confirmation;

(7) Sign the fire safety responsibility agreement with the exhibition hall;

3. 21 days before move-in

(1) Provide approval documents from the authorities of public security and fire protection;

(2) Check and accept the standard booth construction;

(3) Make payment according to the time specified in the contract.

[During the move-in]

1. Cooperate with the project manager on the on-site coordination;

2. Cooperate with the project manager to urge exhibitors to complete all the formalities and pay fees;

3. Supervise exhibitors abiding by the rules of exhibition hall;

4. In case of working overtime, the formalities must be completed at the Customer Service Center before 15:00 on the same day.

[During the exhibition]

1. Cooperate with the project manager to coordinate the opening ceremony on site;

2. Cooperate with the project manager to manage the violations on site;

3. Cooperate with the project manager to keep the order of the exhibition hall;

4. Check and confirm the number of booths and the condition of added booths by working with the marketing dept., exhibition dept. and finance dept. of the hall.

[During the move-out]

1. Coordinate with the project manager to keep the order of the move-out;

2. Confirm the on-site expenses by signing and settle them before the exhibition ends.

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